Agnes, I want to thank you for the amazing massage, all of them! I feel so wonderful physically and mentally after spending time with you. I not only enjoy the massage, but I love being around your open and loving spirit. You help me feel good about myself inside and out. Thank you for all you do and for being you.

– Katie

Agnes has the most incredible healing abilities through her voice. When I hear her songs with her crystal bowls, it transports me into a place where time does not exist. I feel the healing happening throughout my entire being. Ourcompany has hired Agnes for our retreats, and the people that come have left feeling changed by her gifts. I am blessed to have met Agnes and fortunate enough to have been able to experience all she has to offer.

– Judy

Agnes is wonderful! Every time I feel as if I'm transported to another world. A peaceful serene beautiful world where I escape from all my troubles. She is truly magic.

– Ellen

She is a very advanced massage therapist and definitely knows what she is doing. Also, she is a very honest and humble person, extremely professional, and sings beautifully. I feel lucky to know such an unique and talented person.

– Ivan

Moana's sessions blend exquisite sound therapies with skilled intuitive massage to give a unique and incredibly relaxing experience on many levels. We are blessed with Moana's gifts and anyone who partakes will benefit for sure.

– Alanna